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WE’RE #1! Minnesota is the nation’s cooperative hub. There are over 90 senior cooperatives within our borders, more than any other state. Since the first cooperative opened here in 1978, seniors who value ownership, financial predictability, and a self-determined lifestyle have made this their choice.

TRIED AND TRUE. Over the last 50 years, cooperatives have proven to be a tried-and-true housing option. This is because cooperative living communities are structured as not-for-profit corporations and are designed to be affordable for generations. Not to mention, the owners of the cooperative are also its member-residents. The owners/members work through their resident-elected board of directors and professional property manager to maintain the value and condition of the community – both the “brick and mortar” and the lifestyle standards. It is an attractive option for seniors looking to simplify their lives while maintaining decision-making control over their finances and lifestyle.

HUD FINANCED. Through a partnership with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nonprofit cooperatives finance approximately 60 percent of the building costs, which eliminates the need for its owners to take personal responsibility for the debt associated with the community. In addition, through decades of experience, HUD has developed expertise in establishing reserve requirement minimums to assure the long-term viability of the building.  These reserves protect the residents from significant cash outlays for maintenance related costs associated with all aspects of the building, including much of the costs associated with the homes.

FINANCIAL PREDICTABILITY. We talk about this a lot, but that’s because it is so important to our future members. A cooperative is wholly owned and governed by its members, and operates as a not-for-profit entity, so member-owners are motivated to control costs and maintain value.

RESALE. We believe if you choose it, you will love it. But if the lifestyle doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t have to be forever. Cooperatives work diligently to maintain a waitlist, so that when an owner is ready to sell their share in the cooperative, there is an active, eager list of potential future residents. Due to the unique form of ownership at a cooperative, it doesn’t require a real estate broker to manage this simple transaction, and a nominal administrative fee is the only cost.

SATISFACTION. Members experience a high level of satisfaction living in cooperatives. One of the most common surprises for new members is that they wish they had done it sooner! There are many reasons given for this: maintenance-free, turn-key, economically sound investment and one-level living are a few, but most people value their new neighbors and friends and the social opportunities that abound – all under one roof.


BOUTIQUE DESIGN: There are many common benefits among the cooperatives in Minnesota. However, our team has used its extensive experience, and that of our partners, to value-engineer the design and functionality of The American Cooperative to benefit the members now and in the future. The American Cooperative is not “over-built”, meaning we have intentionally chosen to curate an upscale, boutique living experience with an eye to reducing future oversight and expenses.

TRANSPARENCY: We will tell you everything. If you have a question, we provide the answer. We have nothing to hide, because we are building this for YOU. YOU will be the owner, and we respect that this comes with questions you need answered. We don’t believe in a “hard sell”; we believe in educating so you can make an informed decision and choose this of your own accord. 

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